Reclamite (.05 Gallons/ Square Yard) - COBITCO

13th Street Road

Reclamite is a spray seal coat which has been used successfully in Greeley for years, typically restoring county roads. This product behaves like turpentine, penetrating the pavement surface and rejuvenating the asphalt binders. Reclamite replaces a road’s oil content which has been lost due to oxidization and weathering. Asphalt can be ground up and recycled into gravel roads, and reclamite is frequently used to treat these pavements (see 95th Avenue from 10th St to the North, which had reclamite applied during the Summer 2016).

Section 2 and 3 both use reclamite, but at different rates of application. Section 2 has less of the material applied. Reclamite changes color from light pink to clear during the curing process. After the product is down and has cured, sand is applied to blot up excess material. The sand is typically swept up 1-2 weeks later.