21st Avenue Neighborhood Improvements

10th to 13th street

For three months, 21st Avenue between 10th and 13th streets will close to construct neighborhood improvements including new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and stormwater infrastructure.

In addition to replacing old concrete infrastructure and building new pieces where none existed before, this project will construct pedestrian safety improvements such as raised crosswalks near Maplewood Elementary School. The upgraded stormwater infrastructure in the area will help drainage during rain and storm events.


Latest news:


As stormwater pipe work wraps up on the north end of the 21st Avenue project, crews will begin moving concrete work south.

During the Thanksgiving holiday week, crews will start working on the concrete on the west side of 21st Avenue — taking advantage of school being out to get a lot of work done near Maplewood Elementary School when fewer people are around. This work includes removing and replacing the old concrete sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Crews will also add new sidewalks and more infrastructure along 21st Avenue where none existed before.

When crews finish working their way down the west side of 21st Avenue and reach 13th Street, work will move to the east side and start heading north to 10th Street.

Crews are working to move as quickly as possible, however, freezing temperatures and snowy weather may force crews to temporarily halt work during the worst parts of storms.

Project Facts:

• Federal grant dollars and the Keep Greeley Moving program will both fund this project.

• This project will have a major impact on Maplewood Elementary School. Greeley staff worked with school officials during the past several months to create a plan for school traffic and safety. During construction, school pick-up and drop-off traffic should use 22nd Avenue on the west side of the building, however, the front doors on the east will remain open and serve as the primary entrance. School parking will be available to the north and south of the school on 11th and 13th streets respectively.

• For non-school traffic, detours will be established and signed. Officials recommend drivers find alternative routes when possible. Construction officials will maintain local access during construction.

• As new concrete sidewalks and structures are completed, the freshly poured concrete will become off-limits to foot traffic for 24 hours and will stay closed to vehicle traffic for up to seven days.

21st Avenue Improvements

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