Concrete Maintenance

As part of the Keep Greeley Moving 0.65% sales tax, the City of Greeley took responsibility for maintaining 700 miles of curb, gutter and sidewalk.


The concrete program has three essential functions: ADA-ramp repairs, general right-of-way concrete repairs, and neighborhood complaint repairs.


In 2016 the City developed a website enabling residents to register an online request for concrete repair. Along with website requests, residents can call and speak directly with a staff member. Requests began coming in for repairs in December of 2015 and currently the Concrete Maintenance staff has 238 outstanding requests totaling a $1.5 million backlog. In Keep Greeley Moving neighborhoods there is a 27-mile, $10 million backlog of needed concrete work. Staff also began taking a complete inventory of concrete throughout Greeley to determine the city’s overall needs.


In early 2016 Concrete Maintenance staff identified the condition of all ramps in Greeley. Of the 6,319 ramps, 849 or 13.4 percent were ADA compliant. In 2017 that number increased to about 15 percent.


In 2017 concrete maintenance programs replaced:


  • 115 ADA Ramps at approximately $3,000 each

  • 8,070 linear feet of sidewalk (on streets overlayed in 2016 and in neighborhoods identified in the Keep Greeley Moving program)


In 2018, concrete maintenance programs will include work in the Downtown, Maplewood, and Rolling Hills neighborhoods. Concrete repair will also occur on streets being overlayed to bring sidewalks and ramps up to ADA compliance. Currently throughout the entire city there are more than 1,500 cross pans with an estimated 35 percent in need of repair.

Additionally, the City will hire a concrete saw cutting contractor in 2018 to remedy minor trip hazards throughout neighborhoods, thus allowing for repairs at about a quarter of the cost of a full replacement.


Concrete Hazards

The Concrete Maintenance Program inspects, schedules, and repairs displaced or damaged concrete sidewalks and curbs in Greeley’s right-of-way. The sidewalk work helps reduce trips and falls due to deteriorating and aging sidewalks, aprons, and access ramps. The curb work helps ensure proper water flow to the storm drain system

Trip hazards, usually displaced or damaged concrete, can be temporarily repaired by grinding the lifted area. If a sidewalk or apron has too high of a vertical displacement (usually above 1.5 inches), it will be temporarily repaired with a concrete or asphalt patch. After an area is temporarily repaired, it is evaluated and added to the appropriate program for replacement. If you see or know of a hazard, please use the online form below or call (970) 350-9881


Damaged Concrete

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