Road Capacity-Widening Projects

Greeley’s growing economic and cultural diversity has established the community as an economic hub. The presence of the University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College creates an educational hub as well.

Those and other factors contribute to Greeley’s past and anticipated growth. With the city’s population expected to double in size by 2040, more traffic is inevitable. To accommodate that growth, Greeley needs to increase roadway capacity.

When voters approved the Keep Greeley Moving tax in 2015, officials targeted three heavily-traveled roads in need of expansion. Those three road expansion projects will cost $24 million.

Below are summaries of these three projects.

COMPLETED: 20th Street: 74th to 83th Avenue

Growth and development along west 20th Street from 71st Avenue to 83rd Avenue caused a need to upgrade the roadway from a two-lane county road to a four-lane arterial roadway with medians and turn lanes. The roadway was improved to meet the needs of the community and support the ongoing growth in the area.


2016 – Completed
Project Site


COMPLETED 71st Avenue: 12th to 22nd Street

This project improved an aging two-lane county road to modern city standards, expanded the road, added center and right-turn lanes, bike paths, detached sidewalks and more. As a part of the project, Greeley completely replaced the Sheep Draw Bridge south of 12th Street, allowing for the future expansion of Sheep Draw trail beneath it.
The 71st Avenue expansion project replaced an aging road and bridge and greatly improved the quality of an important Greeley roadway.

2018 – Completed
Project Site

35th Avenue: 4th to “F” Street

This two-lane rural road has limited right-turn lanes and no sidewalks or bike lanes. Although both sides of this regional corridor have been developed, this significant northern gateway remains in poor condition. The area has had requests for sidewalks several times throughout the years. This project will widen 35th Avenue from 4th to “F” Street and will add on-street bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalks, a traffic signal at “C” Street and landscaped medians.


Underway – Started 2021
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