71st Avenue Improvements

12th to 22nd Street
In 2010, 71st Avenue was widened to meet City standards from 10th to 12th Street in accordance with a development agreement with King Soopers in the Northgate Development. The 71st Avenue project will pick up from where that project left off and widen 71st from 12th Street to 22nd Street. As part of this project the existing Sheep Draw bridge, which is currently undersized for passing major event flood waters, will be reconstructed.

Additionally, an 8’ sidewalk and attached 7’ bike lanes will be installed within these limits in order improve pedestrian safety for the corridor as well as to allow for on street bike connection to the 20th Street intersection and beyond. Other enhancements include a striped/raised median with landscaping improvements along the limits of the project.

Completion of this project is phased over three years (2017 – 2019) to allow for design and right of way acquisition in the first year and the Sheep Draw bridge replacement and roadway construction the second year.

Latest news:



The southernmost portion of our 71st Avenue project was paved between 20th and 22nd streets and opened to the public. Drivers can make use of the section of road. Irrigation work in preparation for landscaping along that corridor should begin shortly.

Utility work continues between 20th and 16th streets and as that wraps up, nearby residents and drivers will begin to see dirt moving as our crews excavate and level the area to prepare the ground for the road base and eventual asphalt paving. Drivers should expect to see that section of road paved in the next couple months.

Although intense storms have hit Greeley in recent weeks, the latest storms did not cause any significant damage or delays to the 71st Avenue project.

The planned completion for the overall project remains on schedule. The 71st Avenue Bridge, north of 16th Street, is behind schedule. The bridge’s completion was originally planned for the first phase and will now be finished in the final phase.

Issues with water lines, excavation, and relocation of non-city utilities added about a month and a half to the bridge’s schedule. With the delays to the bridge work, the contractor brought in extra crews and work on the bridge and second segment between 20th and 16th streets is well underway.

Project Facts:

Project is primarily funded out of the Keep Greeley Moving (0.65% sales tax) and the Arterial Street Fund. The Arterial Street fund receives fees collected on building permits for new structures and their impact on the transportation system

• Completion of this project is phased over three years (2017 – 2019) to allow for design and right of way acquisition in the first year and the Sheep Draw bridge replacement and roadway construction the second year. Installation of landscaping will be completed by 2019.

• The project will widen 71st Avenue to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane with raised and landscaped medians where possible.

• Project will add curb and gutter and 8-foot attached/detached sidewalks along with 7-foot bike lanes to both the east and west sides of 71st Avenue.

71st Avenue Improvements

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