35th Avenue Improvements

4th to F Street

In 2021, Greeley Public Works will expand, improve, and rebuild 35th Avenue between 4th and F streets as a part of Keep Greeley Moving. This project will widen 35th Avenue from 4th to “F” Street and will add on-street bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalks, landscaped medians, and roundabouts at C and F streets.

A two-lane rural road, 35th Avenue in north Greeley has limited right-turn lanes and no sidewalks or bike lanes. That stretch now serves Greeley as a regional corridor and the city has expanded and developed along both sides of north 35th Avenue. However, the significant northern gateway remains in poor condition. Many requests for sidewalks along that stretch of road have come to the city throughout the years.

Latest news:


Last year, at the start of the design process, Greeley officials and project designers gathered input, advice, and thoughts about the project from area residents and commuters. Feb. 6, officials met with the community again to share the latest designs and gather feedback.

The latest designed, shared at the meeting, are now hosted on this page as well (above). If you were unable to attend the meeting and want to comment or get more information, use the “Comment or Message” form below.

Project officials found roundabouts would provide the best option for safety, cost, and traffic flow based on current and future use of the north 35th Avenue corridor.

Project Facts:

Project is primarily funded out of the Keep Greeley Moving (0.65% sales tax) and the Arterial Street Fund. The Arterial Street fund receives fees collected on building permits for new structures and their impact on the transportation system

• Construction of this project is scheduled to start in 2021, however, other city departments and some non-city utilities need to complete some work in the corridor before the improvements begin.

• The project will widen 35th Avenue and and landscaped medians where possible.

• This project wil also add on-street bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and roundabouts at C and F streets

35th Avenue Improvements

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