35th Avenue Improvements

4th to C Street

In 2021, Greeley Public Works started work to expand, improve, and rebuild 35th Avenue between 4th and C streets as a part of Keep Greeley Moving. This project will widen 35th Avenue from 4th to “C” Street and will add on-street bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalks, landscaped medians, and roundabouts at C Street.

A two-lane rural road, 35th Avenue in north Greeley has limited right-turn lanes and no sidewalks or bike lanes. That stretch now serves Greeley as a regional corridor and the city has expanded and developed along both sides of north 35th Avenue. However, the significant northern gateway remains in poor condition. Many requests for sidewalks along that stretch of road have come to the city throughout the years.

Near the start of April, closures went into place on 35th Avenue, from just north of Fire Station #3 and the nearby businesses to just south of F Street, and on C Street, for a couple of hundred feet to the east of 35th Avenue. Both of those closures will last until late September.

Latest news:


Things started getting busy at the 35th Avenue expansion project, and they don’t show signs of slowing down just yet. Crews continued pouring the concrete surface of the roundabout this week. That work should wrap up early next week.

Alongside the roundabout construction, officials worked to get asphalt trucks lined up for next week’s paving.

In addition to the major roundabout and road work going on, crews also closed down the north lane of 4th Street at the 35th Avenue intersection to connect the roads and build new curb and gutter there.

While the C Street intersection should open soon, officials think the reopening might get pushed back two days, until Sept. 22.

When the C Street intersection reopens, the roundabout will open only to east-west traffic at first. After the C Street intersection reopens, the F Street and 35th Avenue intersection will close to start its roundabout construction.

Project Facts:

Project is primarily funded out of the Keep Greeley Moving (0.65% sales tax) and the Arterial Street Fund. The Arterial Street fund receives fees collected on building permits for new structures and their impact on the transportation system

• Construction of this project started January 2021.

• The project will widen 35th Avenue and and landscaped medians where possible.

• This project wil also add on-street bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and roundabouts at C Street.

35th Avenue Improvements

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