With the passage of the new 2016 0.65% sales tax (excluding food purchases), we will be able to focus more attention on our local roads which make up 66% of our road system.

Our residential streets, however, are of a larger concern. Only 23% of all the 243 miles of local roads or 56 miles are in excellent condition (65-100). Over 131 miles of local roads are in a poor condition.

We have an overall plan for all of the areas noted in the promise neighborhoods made when the new tax for street improvements was approved. As additional funds become available, through amounts above the initial funding estimates, we are determining additional streets in need of maintenance and adding those to the list. Our previous street rating found 85 miles of streets in need of a major reconstruction work that with the current funding we can do 5-6 miles per year.

During the process of developing the Keep Greeley Moving program, eight neighborhoods were identified as having the worst road conditions and in greatest need of overlay. These eight neighborhoods can be seen on the map below.

In 2016, overlay work was completed on our worst roads (highlighted on the map in green) throughout the eight neighborhoods. Roads in red will be completed in future years. The primary focus in 2017 will be downtown and in the Sunrise neighborhood.

Although the City will be overlaying approximately 11 miles over a seven year period, Greeley’s needs are much greater. Of the 234 miles of local roads in Greeley, over 63 miles in total are in need of a total overlay. As additional funds become available, additional streets in need of maintenance will be added to the list.

Neighborhood Road Maintence Map