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2016 Keep Greeley Moving Report

A year in review of our 2016 accomplishments and plans for 2017.


November of 2015 was a turning point for Greeley’s streets when residents approved the Keep Greeley Moving 0.65% sales tax for street improvements, road capacity projects and concrete repair.

The Greeley City Council and City staff would again like to express their most sincere gratitude for voters’ positive support. The measure passed with a 57-43 percentage point margin, and we’ve already begun to fulfill the commitments we made to residents. The tax has a seven year life which started January 1, 2016 and voters will undoubtedly have an opportunity to re-authorize the tax before it “sunsets” in December of 2022.

The tax was estimated to generate $9.4 million in the first year. This amount combined with $2.6 million from Food Tax revenue will provide roughly $12 million annually for street projects. The graphic on the next page illustrates the annual funding allocation for each of our four commitments in the Keep Greeley Moving program and the following pages describe the details.

In fact, the Greeley economy outperformed expectations, thus the 2016 revenue will be higher than the estimated $9.4 million mentioned above. Due to TABOR regulations, we will need to ask voters if the City can retain the additional revenue to complete our commitments and potentially fund additional road and concrete projects.

With 36 miles of roads needing a complete asphalt overlay at a cost of $23.6 million and an additional 45 miles needing overlay work at a cost of $28.8 million, it’s obvious there are many street needs in our city. We are optimistic that the 0.65% sales tax will help us touch 60 more miles each year with crack seal, seal coat, overlay or other needed treatments.

The City of Greeley has the responsibility of maintaining 371 center lane miles (849 lane miles) of streets every year. Greeley’s streets are rated on a 0-100 Pavement Quality Index (PQI), a nationally recognized pavement rating system. The City’s goal is to have 90% of all Greeley’s streets with a PQI of at least 65.

This bar graph below identifies the percentage of streets in poor (<40), good (40-64) and excellent (65-100) condition.

Currently only 176 miles or 47% of our streets have met our goal with a PQI above 65.

Over the past several years, the City has been able to significantly improve the condition of collector and arterial roads but has made little progress on local neighborhood streets. A major contributor to the decreasing PQI was a lack of dedicated funding. Additionally, our PQI decreased because a minimal amount was spent on local roads, which make up two-thirds of our roadway system.

The increase in PQI from 58 in 2013 to 61 in 2016 was due in large part to an additional contribution averaging $4 million annually from 2011 to 2015. These one-time contributions from the general fund were made possible by higher severance and sales tax revenue due to a robust local economy and savings that were realized by lower general fund expenditures.

Poor – PQI 0 to 40

  • Local 54%
  • Collector 45%
  • Arterial 37%

Fair – PQI 40 to 65

  • Local 23%
  • Collector 16%
  • Arterial 15%

Good – PQI 65 to 100

  • Local 23%
  • Collector 39%
  • Arterial 48%